Shop and Save? Yes Please!

Yes, I said it.  You can shop, save and look like you just stepped out of the department store!  Consignment shopping is trending.  In the last few years this way of shopping has taken off.  You can sell your quality used clothes, and you can buy fabulous fashion pieces to create or complete your outfit!  At A Closet Affair we have higher end brands ranging from Free People, Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade and beyond. You just never know what will come in. You can get next to new items for almost a third of the retail price.  Not only will you be saving you money, you’re helping the planet.  Most people raise an eyebrow at that statement, but I assure you, shopping secondhand is helping the planet.  We are not contributing to the fast fashion craze, and we are eliminating the need for manufacturers to produce excess items.  This means less ends up in land fills.  How good does it sound to be environmentally friendly; dress the way you want to, and have more money in your wallet? Logo

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