Lesson Learned

chic-2I have a regular customer that is always buying dresses.

One day my daughter and I were in my store together when this woman bought a fabulous Cocktail Dress. I asked her what the occasion for the dress was, and she replied “No occasion, I buy dresses that I like when I find them so I have the perfect dress when I need it.”

Wow, both my daughter and I had that light bulb moment, looked at each other and said “what a great idea!”  It always seems when you need a dress for something special it’s too much work trying to find the perfect one.  When under pressure it’s so stressful trying to find a dress that fits well, makes you feel pretty, gives you confidence and fits the occasion.

My daughter and I now take her very wise shopping philosophy to heart, and we buy dresses we like as we find them. Shopping every time like it’s a special occasion is loads of fun, and it alleviates a ton of stress when those occasions do come up.

It feels great to go to the closet and get to wear a favorite dress that was purchased out of love and not necessity!

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